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Home Technology Infographic

What is Smart Home Technology?

Distributed A/V

All your equipment in one location. Don’t worry about finding space in each room for equipment, keep it all in one spot within an environment designed to keep it running perfectly and all of it located out of the way.

Whole House Audio

Listen to the same source in every room or a different source in each room, at any volume. Sync up the rooms for a party or let every member go off on their own. With speaker styles that are modern and stylish to look at or those that are mostly if not completely hidden.

Theater in a Home

Your future favorite room. You dream it, we design and build it. Dedicated media rooms that will give you an experience that beats local movie theaters every time. Custom built and perfectly tuned, these rooms are made to blow you away and they are very good at doing just that.

Lighting Control

A whole home lighting control system that saves you money, energy, and promises control of the entire home from the push of a button. Custom engraved backlit keypads for when you are home and an app and timed settings for when you’re not.

Motorized Window Coverings

Reduce your energy footprint, create a more comfortable environment, and save money on utilities. All from remote control.

Video Surveillance

Keep your mind at ease knowing your home and family are safe. Let our designers create a no blind spot plan for you. Check to see who is at the door without getting up, bring up previously recorded footage, even listen to what is being said/talk to anyone near the device with two-way voice capable cameras.

Secure Networking

High-speed wireless and hard-wired internet are necessities in today’s world a reliable internet should be as staple as electricity or water. A reliable source of network is not only important for your scrolling pleasures, but it is needed for control and just about all the entertainment and business found in today’s modern homes and companies.

Climate Control

Have your home adapt without you telling it to. Intelligent climate control keeps your home cool on days where the AC can’t keep up and it gets too hot and will adapt to warmer temperatures when it gets cool enough or colder outside. Preset the temps into your security profiles to ensure that when you’re away you aren’t spending money on cooling an empty house.

Voice and Video over IP

Cell phones have made home phone systems practically obsolete, but a front-door or room to room intercom still has importance today. Voice over IP and Voice over Video IP are becoming standard in the homes and businesses of today.

Copper/Fiber Backbone

If the Distributed A/V rack is the brain then the Copper/Fiber Backbone wiring is the Heart. Providing speed through wired network, power through clean and efficient methods, and properly structured wiring solutions to make sure the wire groupings don’t just look flawless but run flawless also.

Custom Security Doors

These doors are simply ballistic. In terms of safety and looks these Custom Security Doors can stop a bullet and look gorgeous while they do it, what more could you want?

Artificial Turf and Putting Greens

Don’t mow your lawn in 90-degree weather anymore, sweating and getting sunburn. Instead lay out on a perfectly trimmed lawn next to the pool getting that perfect bronze look or practice your stroke on your own custom putting green.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation

Keep your yard healthy the right way, ensure your yard flood free and your plants thriving with an irrigation system that’s state of the art and intelligent. Multiple drainage points, smart sprinklers that don’t flood your plants, solid piping hidden to prevent unforeseen damaging, and more in our stress-free design irrigation systems.

Outdoor Cinema

Love your movies but want to spend the evening outside? Not a problem. A full-blown screen and projector setup with surround sound should help to scratch that itch. Let BTA help you unlock the full potential of your backyard entertainment capability.

Motorized Pergolas

The ultimate force in outdoor weather protection. Motorized louvre’s that can open and close independently to keep your lounge area cool and your furniture protected from the sun’s rays.

Whole House Battery Backup

Protect your work, keep the lights on, don’t get caught by surprise. Back-up your house with clean sources of energy to ensure that during one of South Florida’s many storms you don’t lose your power suddenly.

White Glove Service

A yearly subscription that unlocks our highest form of maintenance. First dibs on open appointments, cleaning and calibration of equipment, real-time system monitoring, and more!

Outdoor Audio

Walk outside to find your favorite music waiting for you, link it up to the news or the audio from your outdoor TV’s sources. Never miss a moment even if you’re in the pool or hot tub.

Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your yard at all times of the day or night, make a statement from down the street, customize different lighting scenes for the time of the year or even the holidays.

Biometric Access Control

Secure any room in your house with Biometric security. Fingerprint, Ocular, even voice recognition, we can set you up with your own custom security solutions able to protect what you need safe.


Stunning and modern, these custom hardscapes will help bring your yard to life. Accent your furniture and outdoor life with the perfect hardscape solution for you, a variety of color and stone material we can work with you to help create a yard you cant wait to bring people to.

Outdoor TVs

Don’t want an outdoor theater package but still want to enjoy your shows and movies outside? We can work with you to find the perfect size, style, and position for an outdoor rated TV ideal for you and your yard.

Motorized Hurricane and Bug Screens

Hurricane-Rated Motorized Bug Screens, what else needs to be said? It can raise and retract at the push of a button. It keeps out the bugs to make sure you can enjoy your yard during the mosquito months and even during Hurricane season… although we don’t recommend that!

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